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Alfaterna Nature is the ideal partner for companies seeking aromas and quality extracts to improve their production in a constantly evolving market.

Our work involvesquality, research, experimentation, development so as to identify the best solutions dedicated to those who work in the field of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.


The whole working cycle, from design to customer feedback, is in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and BRC rev 7 standards.

Quality to us means careful, highly skilled, innovative work, aimed at facing all the aspects of a complex and delicate task with method and rigor.

This commitment is the tangible guarantee we offer to our customers.


Research on natural raw materials represents the utmost priority.

The experts of research and development laboratories, quality control and application work in synergy to respond to the needs and goals shared with our customers.

Our laboratories are equipped with extremely advanced equipment and control systems, and thanks to a series of pilot plants it is possible to carry out a constant verification of the industrial processes on a reduced scale.


Always being in line with the times and anticipating possible innovative solutions derives from experimenting activities.

This is why our wide and articulated range of flavoring also includes infusions, extracts, essential oils. In addition are also available preparations of concentrated bases and powder flavoring, liquid and emulsion flavouring mixes.


The formulations of our flavorists are tested in each processing phase.

Every detail is cared for with attention and passion. Within the laboratory, application tests of the flavor are performed on the finished product.

The sensory analysis are, for this purpose, a valid support to the improvement and development needs of the product, customized on client’s requests and in line with the market trends.



The research, design, development and production of natural flavors is our daily work. A work made of quality, care, passion and especially of a response able to meet the customers’ requests who rely on us knowing to find a reliable and innovative partner. The companies who work with us know that they can count on an activity able to capture the best opportunity in a continuously evolving food market.




Our extracts are the result of a careful and synergic work starting from the needs expressed by the customers and that involves from the outset the farms providing the raw materials. We start from the selection of raw materials to guarantee the best result so as to get to the creation of extracts, using different techniques based on the actual use of our clients.

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