Our Aromas, Extracts and Essential Oils.

Our aromas, extracts and essential oils are a natural concentrate of raw materials. Obtained from the transformation of flowers, leaves and fruits present in nature, they are the result of a daily work made of attention, passion and experimentation.
In the process of developing our products, we let ourselves be inspired by our sense of creativity, proposing solutions that range from traditional flavors (strawberry, vanilla, peach, orange) to more daring combinations (Roquefort with violet, thyme chicken and jasmine), according to recipes created ad hoc for the single customer, whatever the finished product. To ensure our customers the best result in qualitative and experiential terms, our aromas, extracts and essential oils are tested on the finished product with always innovative application procedures and sensory analyzes on the organoleptic properties repeated over time.

We produce new sensory balances of smell
and taste, with controlled itineraries and personalized formulas

The exploration of taste with infinite notes and combinations


Note tradizionali


Note originali


Audaci combinazioni

Good test for
Better taste

Application tests

Before sampling to the customer, the efficiency of the aromas and extracts is tested on the finished product with always innovative application procedures.

Sensory analysis

We carry out repeated sensory analyzes over time, sending the evaluation of the organoleptic properties of the extracts and aromas to an expert staff.

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