Our flavourings and dyes are natural and suitable for high temperatures

Alfaterna also produces quality and natural products for baking, in addition to the canonical dyes and flavourings that can be used at cold temperatures.

Normal colourings are not suitable for high temperatures, which is why our entire team specialising in the extraction of natural flavourings and colours has selected a series of high temperature resistant products that retain their flavour and colour brilliance.
They can be used for all kinds of baking and normal cooking preparations and are all regularly certified.

The advantage of using food flavourings is that they do not change at all the consistency of the food with which they come into contact, they are non-toxic because they are not treated with chemicals, and they give a natural, vibrant colour to all preparations.

Our savoury experts are also dedicated to bringing superior taste experiences to packaged foods and snacks, from veggie burgers to fries to crackers, offering endless opportunities to our customers, and thus helping them to fully meet the needs of consumers down to the most sophisticated ‘palates’, combining culinary skills and techniques, years of experience, an innovative mindset and an extraordinary product portfolio!


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