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Alfaterna Nature is the ideal partner for all those companies that have embarked on a path of innovation, following the evolution of a market that increasingly rewards Bio and Nature choices.
Our aroma house, engaged in the development of authentic and original compositions of aromas and extracts, makes use of the experience of highly qualified personnel able to operate with innovative industrial techniques of extraction, purification and molecular distillation, using technologically advanced production plants. avant-garde. To guarantee innovative and trendy solutions that meet the needs of customers and end consumers, we follow each production process with care, method and rigor, using only selected raw materials from qualified suppliers, according to a policy oriented towards traceability, safety and to achieve high quality standards.

Selezione laboratorio

From nature, the
constant search for
new prospectives

Our experts are constantly looking for natural raw materials. A naturalness that we jealously guard so that it is kept intact in every formulation. Following an operating model based on step-by-step control, we are able to constantly monitor all the phases that lead to the development of the finished product, in order to make the choices that best suit the customer’s needs and market trends each time.
Latest generation equipment and extremely advanced control systems, which include a series of plants from which it is possible to carry out a constant small-scale verification of industrial processes, allow us to respond with customized solutions to the requests of each customer.

Our daily reality is made of commitment, choice of the best raw materials in respect of nature and customers

Listening to the customer

People are the most valuable resource in our industry. For us, at the heart of every creation is listening to the customer, deeply understanding his wishes and needs.

Experience and Technique

Our team of professionals combines expertise, experience and technical know-how to develop ever more innovative aromatic processes.

Originality and Future

To create authentic and always personalized formulations, we know the trends of the taste market, we understand their transformations and we keep a good dose of creativity to anticipate them.

  Research and experimentation

Our laboratories are places of increasingly avant-garde experimentation, and they evolve through the constant and meticulous search for new balances, flavours, innovative fragrances.

Care and synergy

The quality of our products is guaranteed by a team of professionals who work with passion on every project, sharing ideas and skills at every operational step.

Flexibility and punctuality

Advanced instrumentation allows us to respond flexibly to customer requests, in compliance with delivery terms, from requests for innovative sampling to large quantities on order.

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